Palate: Style + Taste

On entering Palate, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re walking into a Fellini movie;  or La Dolce Vita, perhaps. Beautifully appointed, monochrome, with dark backdrops and sweeping light displays, the whole scene is one of balanced design and stunning contrasts. Perfect for the styliste-about-town who needs a cool scene for the evening’s festivities. Just bring yourself, tiara optional, and the dramatis personae of your life, and play the night away.

The stage is set.

Just bring yourself, tiara optional…

Curving Light - Palate: Style + TastePalate’s Master Chef/ Manager, Sothea Seng, is a wonderful host, and together with Restaurant Manager, Leakhena KIM, he and his staff create a friendly and hospitable ambiance.

He started his career as a restaurateur modestly with a small, six-table restaurant in the vibrant Night Market area. Sothea then travelled widely, developing and promoting his skills, being sought after internationally by chic diners from Pnomh Penh to Dubai. In the end, he chose to return to Siem Reap; was it the draw of mystical Angkor Wat, enigmatic array of ancient temples, laid around an area the size of Manhattan? He alone knows.

All I know is the Taste of his Pan-Asian Cuisine. The word is Delicious. I tried so many dishes: including a yummy Vegetable and Tofu medley, my favorite ingredients of all. There was Fish Carpaccio, on a Bed of Spicy Lemongrass and Leaves, with Chilli. There was Pan-Fried Fish and Sushi, Guacamole Sauce, and my dinner companion, vouched for the chicken and fish creations with gusto.

Oh, and we topped it off with Warm Chocolate Sauce with Coffee Ice-Cream, and Deep Fried Ice-Cream and Fruit Tempura… I”ll leave you to guess which dessert was mine!

All I know is the Taste of his Pan-Asian Cuisine. The word is Delicious.

Sothea started planning the restaurant’s concept from 2001-3, deciding to form a joint venture with Lynnaya, founder of a new boutique hotel, presently being built next door. In the next year, the rooms, bungalows and villas of their hotel, designed by architect Sovan, should set the elegant French boulevards on the banks of the Tonle Sap river alight.

Glass - Palte: Style + Taste

For now, there is Christmas and New Year, each with their own special menus. Sorbet Intermezzo? Mmm. La Dolce Vita…

Kitchen Palate: Style + Taste

Set the elegant French boulevards on the banks of the Tonle Sap river, alight.

Table - Palate: Style + TasteFlower-Display Kitchen Palate: Style + TasteGalleryGallery-Ladies- Palate: Style + TasteGallery-Girl - Palate: Style + TastePalate has a changing gallery, with exhibitions by a different artist every month or so. This first exhibit, The Murals La Palate, by David Holliday, sparked a lively debate on the super-real nature of the paintings.. Were they really photographs?

Rooftop Bar - Palate: Style + TasteThere’s even a chilled-out rooftop.. Sublime…

stai Palate: Style + Taste

Pan-Asian Cuisine, chilled-out and Stylish…

Roofgarden Palate: Style + TastePalate-Exhibition - Palate: Style + Taste Palate-Front

Drawn to Siem Reap by mystical Angkor Wat…

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* Photographs © Copyright: Dear Velvet