In People, Style by DV 6

Albin’s dangerous cheekbones, deportment and legs that go on for days exude an old-school glamour that makes me long to immerse myself in black and white movies for the evening. Imagine being holed up with a platter of grapes and a paramour on a fluffy rug with pink ostrich mules and long satin curtains shifting gently in the breeze.

Dangerous cheekbones, deportment and legs that go on for days…Dv

This corset could give one a little lift in a sea of competition, or send a shiver down a summer night. A corset can never be out of style.

Tightly laced for maybe four and a half thousand years, since ancient Crete. Used to transform and bend the body to every conceivable shape, from tiny waisted, to long bodied and narrow-hipped, the corset should take pride of place in one’s seduction toolbox.Albin 2

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  • Jennnifer Zito

    Very very sweet, I wish there was more of this sort of photography in mainstream media. Milkboys sent me here.

    • Velveteen

      Ah, Thank You for the kind words! Albin is irresistible 🙂

  • Nicolás

    Gorgeous looking boy

    • Velveteen

      Yes, Absolutely!!