Street Style, Flagstaff: Victoria The Unicorn Girl

If you ever make it up to Flagstaff, AZ, where the altitudes are high and the air is crisp and clean, you’ll  notice things are just a little different. Surrounded by juniper forests, dominated by mountains, and nestled between The Grand Canyon and Magical Sedona, it should come as no surprise to chance upon a fey creature or two.

See how Victoria, the serene Unicorn Girl, waits patiently on a bench whilst others carouse in the coffee shop. See her white fur, her power pendant, placid smile, and sturdy shoes for leaping over fallen branches. Seemingly at rest, she is dressed for the chase. And of course, there is her horn, said to be made of Alicorn, the enchanted substance that can cure poisoning and so many other diseases.. it’s even the main fabric of the throne of The Crown Of Denmark.

But you knew that already, right?

Victoria The Unicorn Girl - Street Style, Flagstaff: Victoria The Unicorn Girl

The Unicorn: Symbol of Power, purity, light, innocence and truth. To encounter one is to step beyond the veil into The Otherworld.

Wild Things

Unicorns in mythology were wild creatures, who could only be captured by young maidens. Laying their head in the girl’s lap, the unicorn would fall asleep, bestowing magical powers and gifts of healing. No wonder so much energy was spent in trying to capture one, from the Middle Ages through to the time of Shakespeare and beyond. In Scotland, I even heard of a Unicorn Healer.. I  believe, don’t you?

Taming Them

Uncomfortable with magic and mysticism and the whole shebang? Better yet, fascinated by the idea of a fluffy unicorn to take home? Beware, Unicorns are not just for Christmas/ Winter-Holiday-gift-giving! Why not check out your Unicorn name.. First letter of your name and your birth month, see instructions below and on the Dear Velvet Pinterest. You know you want to!

The Unicorn and The Girl

However, I have to ask, what happens when you combine the wild power of the Unicorn with the gentle power of the maiden? Will the union always lead to a Petronas, like Erika’s here? And just who is The Unicorn Girl? We’ll never know what lies behind those deep, dark eyes, but at least we can say we’ve truly seen a Unicorn, an act which in itself can foster luck in one’s high endeavors.

"Expecto Patronum" Street Style, Flagstaff: Victoria The Unicorn Girl

So go on, make a wish.

Photography: Dear Velvet

“Expecto Patronum”: photo credit: iwinatcookie via photopin cc

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