Pangea At The Saatchi Gallery

Pangea At The Saatchi Gallery

Pangea was the time before. The foundation of our world and the time of dreaming, when continents, flora, fauna and people were not yet formed and anything was possible. Artists from Africa and Latin America were invited to show their own dreams of the forgotten world at the Saatchi Gallery, and visitors were able to immerse themselves in their allegorical and fantastic visions. Part halcyon days, part harrowing, with giant ants stalking the earth, and broken, colorful and sometimes ghoulish figures and structures littering the terrain. At The Saatchi Gallery Casa Tomada by Rafael GómezbarrosBefore The Ants - Pangea At The Saatchi GalleryFaces of primitive peoples stared, amazed, from the walls. Below: Djoly du Mogoba by Aboudia   Before Aboudia - Pangea At The Saatchi GalleryFigure In Red, by Antonio Malta Campos - Pangea At The Saatchi GalleryJose Carlos Martinat & Antonio Malta Campos At The Saatchi Gallery There was color and form and brokenness. Above: L – Ejercicio Superficial #12 by Jose Carlos Martinat.   R – Things by Antonio Malta CamposJose Carlos Martinat At The Saatchi GallerySome sights one could never forget.In Front Of Painting by Aboudia - Pangea At The Saatchi Gallery Afternoon in Pangea at the Saatchi… And after all, the sun still shone.

Photography By Dear Velvet & Rob Homewood




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