Eric: What’s Next?

With Global Game Jam underway this weekend, and all around me, geeks living on pizzas and pancakes, staying up night after night this weekend to make a new game together, coding, drawing, making strange sounds and babbling about asset lists and C# or C++, I thought I’d look at one of the sparkiest game designers I’ve met. (And I’ve met too many for comfort. Even toddlers are designing games these days. They’re born with a controller in their tiny palms. I know, right, it’s a mystery…)

Sometimes you meet someone who has jumped off the conveyor belt and forged their own path in life, like Eric Remigino. Coding and designing games before he reached double digits, he had a thriving little business going at the age of twelve. He went on to graduate as a games designer and now is CEO of his own company, Bruxe Studios based just outside DC, making apps and games and maybe other galaxies too.Eric sideeric remigino

If he looks as if he’s in tune with somewhere else, that’s because he probably is. Thinking up life-changing solutions before breakfast is his M.O. What kind of solutions? What have you got? Sure, it’s tricky keeping up with him, but don’t worry if you can’t, he’ll just give you a cheery grin, throw in a couple of jokes and move on to another juicy problem.

With otherworldly good looks, thanks to his Swedish and Italian parents, and a sharp-suited sense of style, he’s deep-thinking, kind and electrifying… I think he’s been sent from the future.

So, Eric, What’s Next?

eric fronteric-side-standing

Eric’s OOTD:

Suit: Similar by Moschino Here & Pierre Balmain Here | Shirt: Similar by Dolce & Gabbana Here | Loafers: Similar  by Ted Baker Here

Photography by Dear Velvet

Model: Eric Remigino of Bruxe Studios

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