Five Minute Feng Shui

A quick Feng Shui fix for luck, abundance and a happy and prosperous life: Go gold. Find a picture of goldfish, preferably nine of them (two is for Love, naturally) and place it somewhere prominent in your room or on your desk or anywhere you want to attract luck.

Goldfish for luck, love and abundance. Simple as that!DV

And that’s it. Simples.

You could keep goldfish or Koi Carp or some kind of golden swimming friends, like the Bangkok cafe where I saw these beauties did. Just make sure its not a crowded bowl you’re consigning them to. Nature should be free, no?

Goldfish Picture - Five Minute Feng Shui

Try making a collage of golden fish out of kraft paper or dried orange peel. Sew it, knit it, get out the felt. The sky, or in this case, the water, is the limit. Think free-flowing water and happy darting streaks of gold and you’ll be, well, golden!

Feng Shui on the hurry up. Happy weekend!



Photograph by Dear Velvet

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