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Beautiful skin from the inside out is the thing. Even celebrities are no longer content with slavering on greasepaint in their supersize me trailers, opting instead to hunt down their own secret skin formulae and tantalise the rest of us with their glowing epidermises. Now that hidden skin knowledge is available to us all, with skin science guru, Dr Jackson teaming up with Liberty London to present his super natural formulations in design-cognoscenti pleasing plain brown packaging.

Expedition Pack - Dr Jackson

Being a bit of a natural product enthusiast, when they gave this wonderful treat to try, I was understandably excited.

Have your own Expedition..DV

The aptly named Expedition Pack comes in a little brown box with a whole slew of science behind it: Pharmognosy, which is the study of drugs derived from plants... but you already knew that, didn’t you?!

As for the Expedition part, I’m sure he took the name from his amazing expeditions to all points of the globe, but I saw it as an opportunity to try and keep my skin nourished on my own expedition to LA. Maybe not as challenging physically, but still challenging for the skin.. (read burning sun and desert air..) The tiny bottles were easy enough to stow in my (self-imposed) carry-on only luggage rule and looked like they’d last the week-long trip. In fact they are not even half done and the vial of oil (did I mention the heavenly smell?) is still going strong.

Expedition Pack - Dr Jackson

The way to my heart is through my nose..Dv

The way to my heart is definitely through my nose, so a bunch of aromatherapy ingredients like Baobab, Marula and Calendula are a cinch. I’m more than a little hooked. It helped with the plane journey and cabin smells, it helped soothe me in the sun and it definitely helps me get to sleep at night. Result.

Made of all natural substances, found in places like The Amazon, Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa, far from London’s grimy city streets the products can really help with specific skin problems, according to Dr Jackson, such as roughness, redness and sun-aging…so that’s probably everything.

I’ll try writing a skin journal and see how it looks in a few weeks and I’ll keep you updated on the results… Besides, I still have to try out that little tea sample: tonight in the tub looks good…Mmmm.


Dr Jackson
Dr. Jackson at Liberty London

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Main Image: Rob Homewood
Product Photographs: Dear Velvet 

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