New Year Magic

How long will your Resolutions last this time? No more carbs (sure), sit-ups every morning, walking to work each day, clear out the wardrobe.. A girl’s (or guy’s) gotta eat, sit-ups are being sidelined by the military (bad for the back.. yay), it rains non-stop round about now and the wardrobe? Yep. Not about to happen. So maybe the time is right for something loftier. Trapped in the same continuum, we only make the same mistakes, it’s natural. The answer is to aim higher but keep it practical.

Do you really want to be a super-skinny, washboard stomach-ed neat freak for, say, two months, or simply be a happier, fitter, kinder version of YOU? How to be your most magnetic self, drawing in the rewards, pay-rises, Likes, and appropriate-gender-of-choice amorous advances?

Anyone who tells you they have it all sewn up is more than fibbing, but some of the following will certainly help.

  1. Start the day moving your body: mine’s a downward dog, preferably accompanied by someone who knows how to make plank position fun and skip the lectures, like Tara Stiles. Check out her Slim Calm Sexy Yoga for a 15-minute routine. And you know, the title says it all…
  2. Eat a bit better. I mean a bit.. personally I like the idea of going full vegan, but that’s just me: not all my friends are veggie and that’s okay. There’s no need to eat like a cavewoman, but The Paleo Primer also sounds appealing (I just like all the pictures of fruit and vegetables, makes me feel virtuous already.)
  3. How about some magic at New Year, mixed with the resolution? Whether through affirmations, meditation or changing the way you think totally like the inspirational Gabrielle Bernstein, whose book Miracles Now promises 108 tools to deal with just about every confidence emergency.
  4. Create Something! Do it, make something, draw, paint, scribble on your tablet. Of course there’s an app for all of it, so much so that my Creativity folder got too big and I had to make folders for Photography, painting and Writing as well. The simplest though is Line, for iOS. It has so many drawing implements, including flowers and it’s free! Or do the simplest thing and carry round a tiny notebook and little watercolour kit for those moments of inspo. Fits in the tiniest clutch.
  5. Make a few magical pacts with your Universe, with purpose-charged crystals, written prayers, drawn promises, and carefully selected smells and sounds.
  6. If all else fails, sit with a candle for a moment and visualise your day ahead. No words, rituals or hocus pocus involved: just see yourself in a better place.

Fake it till you make it. It’s real.

Whatever you do, enjoy your magical year your own way.

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Photograph: Dear Velvet

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