The Beauty Of Wild Hair

Twenty Sixteen could just be the year for the wildest hair in recent memory: the bigger and bouncier, the better. With grungy looks gracing runways from London to Milan, the pressure to tong and torture hair into a glossy streak may finally be off (for a while). In Stockholm, at the By Malina S/S16 show, the models wore cascades of tumbling curls that bounced and swung as they walked. Tousled and free, worn with girlish makeup, not a dark, smokey eye in sight, they made you just want to be pretty. And what’s wrong with that? Uber slick, centre-partings and serious eyeliner can wait till back-to-school Fall, when looking cool is everything. The cheerleader bounce is almost shocking at first, but you’ll love every minute of it.

Make no mistake, this is a ferocious, lioness look, wrapped in this year’s Pantone Pink and tied up with a bow. Nothing can disguise that killer swing of mane, so it’s best to practice your prowl and get ready to be noticed. It’s the hair equivalent of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Apply judiciously.

The Beauty Of Wild Hair 2
Get your goddess complex on and let your locks run free this Spring: revel in the beauty of wild hair. Gen up on hair texturising methods, or just grab some product. Try Sea Salt Spray from Davines, Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble, or anything by Aveda and you’re good to go. I’m running stuff through my hair right now. I want that hair.

The Beauty Of Wild Hair 3The Beauty Of Wild Hair1The Beauty Of Wild Hair 5

All Hair & Clothes at By Malina – S/S16

Photography: Dear Velvet


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