Calm Your Mind With Indoor Plants

Amidst all the diet and downward dog resolutions, sales fever and refocusing on work, it’s not surprising our minds are in need of decluttering. If meditating, yoga or fasting aren’t your thing, deadlines are tight, you’re tense, blah or just plain worn out, a little green can help. We’re not talking dollar bills, wholefoods or a new colour trend; this one’s as old as earth itself: plants. For most of us city dwellers, that means houseplants.

You don’t need a green thumb to tend some kind of indoor plant..

Sometimes it’s a case of just leaving it alone: try succulents or a cactus. Other plants take very little care.. try spider plants. Goosefoot plants grow so flamboyantly I saw them everywhere in Thailand, spawned from cuttings plonked in sawn-off water bottles, rooting straight into the water with no soil. Locals even made hanging gardens by piercing a hole in each side of the bottle with scissors and threading wire through them.  Genius.

Added to that, so many plants clean the air in your room, good for the constantly online (ahem). Try the Peace Lily: it keeps it’s white flower and NASA has given it the stamp of approval for helping combat electromagnetic stress and removing benzene, that toxic substance present in so many materials in the home, including cleaning products. Win.

January Plant

Beautiful, hip and beacons of mental clarity…

House plants have so much power in decor they can change the Feng Shui in a room. Or your life.

January Plant 1January PlantJanuary Plant 4

And they’re cool. Plants don’t have to be fusty like your auntie’s aspidistra – although that could be kind of cool too.. 

January Plant

January Plant 2

Live with plants..

Photographs Courtesy Of The Flower Council OF Holland

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