Magical Fragrant Plants

Fragrant Plants and thoughts of Spring keep us going during the long stretch after the New Year. Some folks I know even keep the tree and baubles around till February, hoping to keep some cheer.

But there’s a simpler solution to post-tinsel blues: spring-cleaning! March, with sudden blooming of pale flowers and sunny mornings, is the perfect time to spend a weekend de-cluttering. Brighten Your Room and throw it all away, finally let go of the wrappers and unwanted clothing and gifts. Keep the local recycling and thrift shops in business or start your own online, selling off all your excess stuff.

Brighten Your Room – Celebrate by decking your halls with sweet-smelling fragrant plants, bright flowers, or houseplants, to prolong the heady rush of Spring.

Fragrant Plants: Jasmine, Fresias, Gardenias… With their delicate fragrances, they’re balm for the senses…

And your soul.. Brighten Your Room


Photographs courtesy of The Flower Council Of Holland
& The Joy Of Plants UK

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