#Shoegoals 1

When It comes to shoegoals, these flower-studded sandals have to be more #goals than anything I’ve seen recently.. at least for Summer. These would work well with just jeans and a plain t-shirt and are sure to brighten up any plain outfit. Shoes for a wedding perhaps, a cocktail party or just for pushing your loaded cart round the produce section of Wholefoods, piling in the flowers and tropical fruit.

Perhaps a flower crown in your hair would add to the fragrant mash-up, along with some embroidery all over the hem of your skirt or jacket. Or try a tough leather moto jacket in punky black, inky jeans, accessories and skinny black vest. Top it all off with black nails, pedicure and smooth clear skin. Bedhead hair, bangs and bee-stung lips in natural. Let your shoegoals do the talking.

Shoegoals 1: Flower sandals

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