Spring Starts Here

Here we are at the start of Spring and a new cycle, not only time-wise, but also in politics, societal change, even mass population shifts. So far so daunting. But most of us are dealing with questions that are smaller and more familiar: how to deal with stress while all around is chaos; how to win at life? More importantly, how to win this week?
It’s not simple and it’s a subject most of us push to the back of our minds until the week (and our list of challenges) is fully underway. So why not take a break from the news or whatever for a moment to plot Spring  and Summer for your best  season yet?

Start the season here.

  1. Tidy Up – In the last few days, I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing the heck out of my apartment, whisking whole drawers full of clothing and useless stuff into bin bags and off to recycling. (Try H&M for an eco-conscious, but rewarding clear out).
    The Life- Changing Magic Of Tidying Up – Still one of the most addictive and fiendish books I’ve found to actually make me want to organise. Get it all cleared up/out and sold on eBay and you’ll soon feel fresh
  2. Plan It Out – Get the jump on Summer now, if you haven’t already. But maybe you’re not the type to be caught grappling with the net at the last minute, desperately searching for flights, hotels, sold out summer must-haves, etc. You’re not, are you? (Blushes..)
    Skyscanner is your best friend here, as any travel aficionado will tell you. And Airbnb. Clothes? The internet is at your disposal. Try Yoox.com or Urban Outfitters, they’ll have most of what you need.
  3. Turn It Down – Now may be a good time to turn down the notifications on your iPhone News App. Although it’s important to keep informed, only sleepless nights can come of responding to every ping. Maybe turn it off mid- evening? Although, having said that, I’m finding the Quartz app an interesting new way to get the news. Sort of like your best friend texting you about politics (wait, is that a good thing?) At least with this app you get to choose whether to jump at clickbait, allowing the conversation to flow to another issue if you’re not interested.
  4. Start Mindfuness – Definitely a good idea to start visualising your goals with all the chaos and displacement around us. Meditate,  visualise.. whatever you call it. Just calm it all down, at least inside yourself. 
    Innerspace in Covent Garden looks a good focal point for your calmness routine. Alternatively, here’s a list of Meditation classes in the UK. There must be one near you, wherever you are in  the world. Read A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled by Ruby Wax, or read/listen to Gabrielle Bernsten’s Spirit Junkie.
  5. Buy some flowers – Read 12 reasons you need flowers.

Just get some calm into your life so you can get out there and enjoy. You’ll soon feel brighter.

How will you spend the Spring and Summer?


Photograph: Dear Velvet


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