Time for a redo: coping with Mercury Retrograde

Here’s the key to coping with Mercury Retrograde

This might be a great time to experiment with those little known facets of yourself you’d hoped to ignore.  Nothing earth-shattering, you understand: just a mild shake-up of your status quo. Reading, eating, trying things we’ve tried before and set aside. It’s Mercury Retrograde again, that three-week period when we get to redo all we’ve done. Oh joy.

1: Going off-grid for a while

Take off, go on that little trip. Take a little Personal Time.. whatever you call it, if you can, just go. Yep, arrabgments may get tricky, what with Mercury being about travel and so on. But you’ll feel better being away from all the noise.

2: Going through the financials

This time it’s in Taurus. For some of us, it’s also tax time, for others, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure you’re all set up for your summer holiday/new gadget purchase/year ahead.. Get out all the receipts and do the sums.

3: Going back to basics

Taurus is all about food, so make some yourself. Try out the Hester Blumenthal book you got for Christmas, or make good use of the Thai Cooking Classes you took in Northern Thailand last Summer. Just cook and build your own nutrition. Healthy eating is about as basic as it gets when taking care of yourself.

4: Reinventing yourself

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and you are the hero(one) you anticipated. The key to coping  with Mercury Retrograde is to plan and refine and triple check your plan. Lie in wait. Your day will come, make sure you’re ready when it does. Restructure, revise and reimagine. Now’s the time.

5: Going with your feelings

Taurus is all about sensation, whether it’ s feeling beautiful tactilc fabrics,, eating sumptuously, exercise and any physical expression, Feel it all out.

Try to enjoy the process. Think of it as a vacation from routine. You’ll learn to plan better by the time this Mercury Retrograde is done.  Learn to love your life more while you’re at it.

Photograph by Dear Velvet

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