Midsummer, it’s only natural

London is so unseasonably warm that everywhere has sold out of fans. Unaccustomed as we are to heat in the rapidly climate changing British Isles, we stagger, glassy eyed into store after store, demanding something, anything to take off the edge. Apparently some folks have ordered ten small usb mini-fans at a time. One store said twenty. Surely this heatwave, coupled with Midsummer should herald decadence and much festival-going? Yes, it probably will.

But to write about a summer of love would be disingenuous, insensitive even, as alliances, traditions of cooperation, whole political structures crumble around us. Every week now, we are assailed with some new cause for grief, so much so that one hesitates to write at all. How can so much suffering rub shoulders with fashion, clement weather, gilded youth? This doesn’t seem a place for political commentary, nor a time for frivolity.
Yet.. “Carry On” is such a British mantra. And on the subject of gilded people, we’re served with shining examples of tolerance and concern for others right now, wherever people are from, helping with relief efforts, standing up to broken systems… But we won’t speak of that here. If life is to continue, as it must, then we’ll need to embrace the colour and texture of the season, of nature, even as we bundle up our donations for the cause.

Shall we carry on?

If you can take a moment to Midsummer, then do so, it’s a beautiful time of year. Cherish these fleeting minutes and remember.


In The Picture, counting from Left to Right:
Images  1, 3 and 5, – Free People   |     Images 2 and 4 –  Ida Sjöstedt

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