Cindy Sherman & Barbara Kruger, LA

Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger, two giants of art face each other in a MOCA gallery space and this fusion was what I saw.

Barbara Kruger initially worked as a designer at Mademoiselle, a women’s magazine that began in 1935. From Fashion to Art then. Her work speaks of feminism, literally with typography and witty titles, like this one, “Untitled (It’s a small world but not if you have to clean it)”.

Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger. MOCA, Los Angeles.DV

Photographer Cindy Sherman moved from photographing herself in different guises to working on campaigns for Harper’s, Vogue, Comme des Garçons and Marc Jacobs. From Art to Fashion then. Also an artist making statements about women and their place in society.

I love the way the women in both pictures (the photograph being Sherman herself) have their hands near their mouths, fingers curled in a similar position. One is looking though a magnifying glass, the other is looking into the distance with an intensity that is easy to read into but impossible to know. What do they both see?

Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger. MOCA, Los Angeles. Sometimes worlds appear to collide.


Photography by Dear Velvet