Endgame Book Giveaway

Endgame Book Giveaway


Endgame is, as they say Here Now. Are You?

It began on October 7th, when the book, Endgame, The Calling, was released, and it’s not going to end until you, or someone like you finds the clues in the book and wins half a million dollars in gold. Simple, no?!

For me, besides the prospect of stacking gold coins up to the ceiling, this is exciting because it’s Dear Velvet’s First Giveaway! Ahh..We’re toasting you all with peppermint tea as I write.

Possibility of being consumed in some catastrophic Event: High.DV

Here’s some Endgame Facts: Written by James Frey, of “I Am Number Four”, and the controversial, “A Million Little Pieces”, fame, and Nils Johnson-Shelton. Movie rights bought by Twentieth Century Fox. Also, Google Niantic is building an amazing ARG (Alternate Reality Game) event, to take place worldwide. Huge prize. Possibility of being consumed in some catastrophic Event: High. Fun Times!

You may be thinking the whole Endgame event is familiar: book, movie, etc., or you may have read reviews comparing it to The Hunger Games. Yes, I did wonder myself. But both of these theories are a walk down a blind alley. There’s more to it, a lot more.

I received the ARC (advanced reading copy) one grey afternoon in London, retired to a Soho cafe to take a quick peek, and didn’t surface for quite some time. I think it was dark… I may have been kicked out and had to get the last bus home.. I really can’t remember.

Reading Endgame

All I know is that after fondling the dazzling gold cover lovingly, I opened it with more than a little scepticism…. Another day, another YA, hmm? (And I love my YA novels: even when I’m busy pulling apart their logic and grammar, or tutting over the doltish teen romances, I simply have to get to the end and read the next in the trilogy. I’ll get to the Roland Barthes and Jean-Paul Sartre another day, OK?)

But this isn’t Twilight or Mockingjay in another cover. The only resemblance I can see to Katniss’s story is the Twelve Players Called To Compete theme. However, you may have noticed twelves running through a number of other narratives and systems, from the Religious Books to the calendar. Twelve is a magical number, after all, and the chosen bloodlines they represent in the book are fascinating. It was like a cross between binge-watching Ancient Aliens, embarking on a breathless round-the world trip, and pouring over an ancient mythology text, or Graham Hancock on the origin of the seven wonders of the world. Or something like that.

If you like mysticism, fantasy, strange ancient myths, prophecies, signs in the sky…DV

If you like mysticism, fantasy, strange ancient myths, prophecies, signs in the sky and well, bloodlust and rip-roaring adventure stories. This is for you. If you like deciphering puzzles and playing games, travel, sinister characters, scary end-of-days-type thrillers and unpredictable twists in first-in-a-series novels, go for it.

Most importantly, you might be tempted to play for all that gold, housed, quite fittingly, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

I carried the book with me on late night buses, on the London underground, on an airport layover, a plane, across a continent, and finally finished it in a late-night session when I should have been writing. It even sustained a coffee stain from a cafe-related accident, when I wouldn’t put it down as I was paying for my latte. If you have gathered how OCD I am, the fact that I finished it nevertheless should tell you something!

Endgame: Couldn

Verdict: Loved it. Addicted. Having to seal my lips so I don’t let any spoilers escape. Sad I can’t enter the contest, because the ARC doesn’t contain the correct clues.. but the clues it does have seem mind-bending! But not for you..You’re the smart one, YOU enter the competition!

And now you can, because I have FOUR copies to give away to four lucky UK readers (sorry all you international guys.. doesn’t mean I don’t love you..)

So get to it, Brits. Enter and you’re one step closer to your first half a million. I’d like an invite to dinner please, at your mansion…

And let me know what you think of the book.


Endgame: The Caling, Simple Giveaway Rules:

  • No purchase of any kind to win one of the books.. Yay!
  • UK Residents only (Sorry Guys)
  • Share on social media below to be eligible >>!IMPORTANT!<<
  • Winners will be announced on Friday (14th Nov) next week!




Endgame: The Calling


• Our world is populated by twelve ancient bloodlines. In each line a player comes of age and trains for a catastrophic event that has not yet happened. Each Player is steeped in tradition and skilled in ways to kill. But no one has had to fight yet – until the Calling

• Now the Players must set off on a scavenger hunt that will span the globe, all in search of three ancient keys that will save not only their bloodline but the world… AND ONLY ONE CAN WIN


Photographs by Dear Velvet