Girl, Perfected

A Flawless Obsession

At first sight, she could be the perfect girl: wide-eyed with huge lashes and almost architectural hair. But to spend a moment gazing into the emotion-filled eyes of each of these images is to be confused. The limbs are coltish and slender, the breasts perky and just so, the torsos have not an ounce of fat. But you can see the joins and on the hip of one, even a “Mattel, Made in Indonesia” stamp. What is this? Are these dolls, people, androids, or something else?

It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.
Oscar Wilde

The answer is all of the above. A sublimely unsettling work of art, these are real women, their passionate, sullen or sad eyes stare back at us from their perfect exteriors, like waxworks with a secret. The florid colour heightens the surreal sensation. It’s almost hard to breathe looking at them.
Once again, striking work created by Photographer Olivier Dressen and Stylist/Producer Luca Buzas, of Studio Supreme with collaborator and MUA, Kathryn Robbins. The team have engineered a collision between our current Insta-obsession with ruthlessly, pixel-perfect beauty and our fascination for AI and all things robotic. Literal mannequins, these beauties are hypnotic and disturbing in equal measure. On first glance, I wasn’t sure what to think. Are they hyper-sexualised, or are they even desirable at all? Is it anti-feminist to see women as dolls? Or is feminism now simply anti-contemporary (!) and are we inviting objectification with our selfie and 5x magnification mirror addiction?

Does the rise of AI herald a slow slide into human obsolescence?DV

Do movies like Her and Ex Machina herald a slow slide into human obsolescence? (And if so, are we jumping or being pushed?) Or is this exquisitely detailed post-production simply a cool piece of art, with the doll references giving a knowing nod to the artworks of, say Jake and Dinos Chapman?
So many questions and yet what remains is a crisp comment on beauty, perfection and our place in a world where what it means to be human will soon become more than a casual question.
So, still want to be perfect? What does it take to be human?

What Does It Take To Be Perfect?

What does it take to be Human?

All Images by Studio Supreme:
Photographer: Olivier Hero Dressen
Producer/ Stylist: Luca Buzas
MUA and Hair Stylist : Kathryn Robbins
Victoria Unagaeva
Ana Maria

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