Jeonglok Lee: Trees Of Life

The tree becomes a magical player in an everyday landscape…DV

Stunning images from Korean artist, Jeonglok Lee, aim to portray the intangible divide between the seen and unseen. With its spiritual title, “Trees Of Life”, Lee’s portrayal of a magic tree, supplanted in various parts of the Korean landscape glitters and fascinates. This beautifully lit skeleton tree appears in water, by the ocean, in the countryside, stark against the sky and seemingly glowing with luminous colour.

Jeonglok LeeWhile focusing on the tree, we are led to reflect on the land, nature versus artifice and real versus unreal.
Almost spectral in appearance, these trees take on a persona of their own, becoming a magical player in an everyday landscape. Sublime.

LEE JeongLok from OPIOM Gallery on Vimeo.

Jeonglok Lee, represented in Cannes by Opiom Gallery.

Jeonlok Lee