Marc Lagrange, A Passion For Beauty

Today, I’m reminded that amongst all the cheer and the smiles we dance on the finest of wires. I just heard of the passing of astoundingly talented Marc Lagrange in a tragic accident.
Although sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him, there was pleasant contact with Lagrange and Eve from Opiom, the gallery who represented him, as I wrote an article on his wonderful images of women. I spent days pondering deeply on the relationship between the photographs, feminism and the prevailing strictures of social media. How could I possibly reconcile these forces?

In the end I realised that study of women’s (and indeed men’s) bodies had been commonplace for me in art lessons, as it has long been for artists in general. My love for art won through.
I was to attend an opening of his a short while ago in Paris, but as it clashed with an exhibition of my own, I determined that I would simply “go to the next one.” That wasn’t to come.


I’m saddened and rather perplexed that I thought some of his images would be too rich for these pages, leaving off a few for fear of causing offence. Apparently a nipple was considered a breast too far in certain online repositories and I wanted keep things calm. The politics is a topic for another day, but the central passion for beauty that seemed to drive Marc Lagrange is something we can all celebrate.

For my own part, this is the strangest time of year, often bringing with it a tinge of sadness, or heralding some deep loss. I know despite the salutations this is the case for so many at this time and my thoughts are with them.

Let’s try to experience beauty while we may.

Even the most gorgeous bloom comes to full flower just at the end. Life is bittersweet. We will miss your passion and acute eye, Monsieur Lagrange.



All Photography: Marc Lagrange, Courtesy of Opiom Gallery

Marc Lagrange
At Opiom Gallery

Marc Lagrange: (Sensuous) Diamonds & Pearls