Peter Klasen: Electric Bodies

Where others might just see a wall or a building, Klasen notices the colours and shapes of the urban landscape finding  art wherever he looks. From the vintage loveliness of Cuba to a pile of pipes and wires, sprawled upon by his daughter, Peter Klasen has an eye for beauty in the urban landscape.

These images are as much about architecture as humans and the perspective and harmony play subtle counterpart to the searing colours. Sometimes surreal, sometimes familiar, from half-hidden billboards to bold power stations, nothing in the city goes unnoticed. Even a picturesque standpipe is more alluring than it has a right to be and a young Cuban girl in a doorway is as stylish as a fashion  model. This is the work of an artist passionately in love with the world around him.

Catch his show while you jaunt down to Cannes in the convertible. Vernissage on 30th June.

Peter Klasen: Electric Bodies _ Havana Gesture

Havana Gesture 1, La Havane

Peter Klasen: Electric Bodies - Park , New York

Park , New York

Peter Klasen: Electric Bodies - JLG, Lane Closed, Los Angeles -

JLG, Lane Closed, Los Angeles


Tsunami n°1 / SK

Peter Klasen
Opiom Gallery
11, Chemin du Village
06650 Opio, France

Exhibition until August 31st, 2016
Opening hours : Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm