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This is the world your mama warned you about..DV

Clandestine cabarets, ladies and gentlemen of the night, mafia, gambling and excess: the French Concession in Shanghai of the 1920s hid a decadence in its shade to rival any in the swinging 20s.

Although iniquitous hotspots from Berlin to Los Angeles abounded and the prim shackles of the Victorian era were thrown off, some things were still best kept secret. A new video collaboration from Monsieur Magnetik and Oivier Hero Dressen portrays the sly glamour and underworld throb of the era so well you think you’d like to visit.

Shanghai Shadows Glass

But this is the world your mama warned you about, stray at your peril. Thankfully for us, the film and its hypnotic dance track mean we can experience the shade of the night without ever, you know, actually sinning.Shanghai Shadows Lipstick

As Olivier says:

The film is a tribute to the subversive world of night.

Apparently, this Shanghai “French Concession”, between 1854 and 1949, was a centre of excess, and as the filmmaker charmingly puts it, “Gambling, prostitution and opium were the most lucrative activities of this city, at the time called “the greatest brothel in the world.” The film was shot in a cabaret bar sweetly named, “The Pearl”.

Shanghai ShadeShanghai Shadows Tattoo

Proof even beauty can be deadly. Beware.DV

The film stars Julian Mei as choreographer, (he also danced as the Asian, in Michael Jackson’s “Bad” music video) and local Shanghai talent. Mei sports some interesting diamond tattoos on his hands and his beautiful female accomplice looks like she dropped in from the Tom Ford SS15 show in her sultry stockings and bustier. Proof even beauty can hold secrets best left undiscovered – Or even be deadly. Beware.

Visions of the night indeed.

MR MAGNETIK “DarkGloves” from hero on Vimeo.

Watch it, Hummingbird, but don’t get your wings caught..

Shanghai Shade Lighter

Be careful what you wish for…



FIND: MR MAGNETIK “DarkGloves” from hero on Vimeo.

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