Blanka’s Sultry Berlin Style

Perfect for… well, what did you have in mind?Dv

Blanka’s darkly sweet tones pour from my speakers as I write, giving the late afternoon a soupçon of danger. Though Blanka Inaen sounds cute and longing as she sings of lost (or not yet found) love, she reminds me of a siren on the rocks. Her new single, with her outfit, Len Sander, (fresh off the press tomorrow) slips smoothy over your day, making the segue into night seamless: infinitely danceable and sleek. Perfect for… well, what did you have in mind?

Equally beguiling and dangerous is her style: no wonder, although originally from Zurich, she is influenced by her time in Berlin. That decadent air of the 1920s, with some of my favourite, slightly outré Weimar artists, like Otto Dix,  lingers on. Now Berlin has a new art avant-garde, slicker than before. It has become a big draw in the creative classes’ exodus to the bohemian cities of Europe. I’ve always wanted to go and now I have a reason. See for yourself what makes Blanka’s style so sultry, so Berlin…

I don’t even own a pair of jeans.Blanka of Len Sanders

Hi Blanka, can you tell us how your style is influenced by your music… or is it the other way round?!
I’m naturally interested in a lot of things, music, fashion, art… and I’m actually constantly busy with trying to blend all these interests into one big body of work.

Your look has a hint of vintage. What were your earliest style influences?
Definitely my mother, and she’s still the most fashionable person I know.

Do you love to dress up, or are you secretly a jeans and t-shirt girl?
I love to dress up at every opportunity, so I’m even often overdressed. I don’t even own a pair of jeans.

How do you get ready for performing and recording? Do you have any little rituals or exercises?
Dressing up is my way to get into my stage-mode. As soon as I put on my high-heels I’m kind of switched-on. At the same time I do my vocal-warm-ups and prepare myself mentally, by imagining my best possible performance on stage.

I love the retro feel in your video, “Places”. can you tell us something about the theme and how it was made?
Thank you! We decided that we wanted to work with found footage for the video of this song. And then we found that American 60s science-fiction movie “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women” which miraculously fitted the theme and the feel of our song.

Designer, High Street or Thrift Store?
All of them combined.

Green Tea or Espresso?
Earl Grey Black Tea.


Blouse: Kelly Love Ltd, available at Rumour by Cityscape Fashion
Editorial:  Dear Velvet
Photographer/Artistic Direction © 2015/2016: Gene Glover
Assistant: Nikolai Ziener
Styling: Rina Matsui
Make Up: Jenna smith /Hair and Make-up: Anna Brylla

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