This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Want to know how to get that push into the fashion world, a VIP all-access pass to the gilded circle? Here’s a hint: she who dares wins….Meet Luca Buzas.


Every so often you meet or hear of someone whose outlook on life truly inspires you. They could be an artist, activist, actor or someone who just saunters across your path, throwing out shoots of good energy, their attitude is truly inspirational. Luca Buzas, an internationally award-winning Fashion Producer and Stylist,  is one of those few who can take any situation and turn it into sunshine: heck she’ll even make a career out of it.
Along with her Photographer/Director partner, Olivier Dressen, I first met her through Twitter, (yes, that really happens) cue many collaborations and  a couple of meetings on various continents. Whether you’re having cocktails in Chateau Marmont or chatting over a mango smoothie in Chiang Mai, this girl is fun.. and savvy. Read up, Luca will show you how.

Luca Buzas starring in Video, “Passport”, Director: Olivier Dressen, Behind-the-scenes Photograph by UnaZ

DV: Hi Luca. We’re excited to hear all about your travels and your  journey as a fashion producer! How would you describe your work and yourself?
Luca: Hi DV ! I’m stylist and producer from Hungary, currently living in Shanghai, China.

How did you start down this glamorous road and why Shanghai?
I traveled a couple of times to China with my boyfriend, Olivier Dressen about five or six years ago. We both really like the culture and spirit in Shanghai. Because I’m Hungarian and he is from Belgium we wanted to choose a new place to live and work together.

I always loved fashion!Luca Buzas

Did you always want to work in Fashion?
I always loved fashion. We had Elle and other magazines in Hungary when I grew up and I just wanted to make it my life. In 2014 I graduated in Fashion Design from a fashion school in Budapest, then I began looking for jobs and I got an opportunity in Shanghai.

How does the style in Hungary differ to Shanghai? It must have been a big change.
It’s totally different! Hungary is very casual, while Shanghai is such a cosmopolitan city with a big variety of styles and designs on the streets. I like how they mix and match things: when I see it it just all makes sense and looks great!

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Essential Macau Magazine – Styling: Luca Buzas. Photography & Production: Nuno Velsovo

What is your own go-to style? What looks do you admire the most?
My own style is: black pants, t-shirt, leather jacket, sunglasses, high heels and a purse, then I’m ready to go. Americans have a great sense of styling as well, very chic and casual at the same time. I love the Coachella bohemian look and use it a lot in shoots. (Coachella was awesome!)

(I bet it was!) Which brands you prefer for your pared-down wardrobe?
Levis for jeans and maybe a Burberry leather jacket for my wish-list. Right now I have a Zara one and this little leather jacket has a big history, we used it so many times for shoots, it could definitely tell a few stories!

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Video shoot with Olivier Hero Dressen.Photographed by UnaZ

So, Luca, how DO you start an award-winning Fashion Production career?!
When we first arrived, Olivier and I opened our production house, Studio Supreme. We focused on photo and video production, along with fashion shoots. I guess the best way to start in Fashion is to just Start!

Could you describe your typical day?
Sure, I start to work around 9AM, first check emails and messages. In China everything is happening really fast so I usually already have a couple of requests each morning. When I have a bit of time I hit the gym or go grocery shopping. There are meetings with clients and we generally go out to dinner or drinks at the end of the day.
When we are shooting it’s always long hours: start early morning and only finish when it’s a wrap.

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Essential Macau Magazine – Styling: Luca Buzas. Photography & Production: Nuno Velsovo

What does it mean to be a Producer?

You’re constantly meeting with clients, freelancers, studios and so on, to keep connected.  Once you get a request from a client for a shoot you will need a team to put together, so unless you know a lot of people it’s difficult. You need to know everybody as well, models, make up artists, stylists and hairstylists, directors and photographers. I do styling also, but still I need to know other stylists too. Sometimes my portfolio doesn’t match with the client or product, so then we need to hire someone else instead of me.

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Luca and Olivier on desert video shoot for Zullu.

How did you get to know everybody?
You go out, you meet on shoots, someone introduces you. I don’t know everybody of course, but it’s important to try your best to know as many people as you can from the industry.

Would you tell us a little about your work… and your awards? (I hear you have a few!)
Yes, for the video, “Want It Back!”, by Ibiza-based French artist, Guts, we received many awards from all over the world. My partner, Olivier Hero Dressen, was the director and  we produced it together, shooting it in Paris and Shanghai. It’s about kids who want to have the world back.
We shot the other video you can see here in Palm Springs and LA, for the Belgian band, Zullu. For this we used puppets and I produced and styled it.
You can see a picture of me with HuGe, a really famous Chinese actor, when we worked on an  executive production for Piaget TVC. You can see shoots with other photographers here and even myself starring in a film, wearing a pink wig!

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Want it Back! – Award-winning video produced by Luca Buzas, filmed by  by Olivier Hero Dressen.

Luca, any advice for people who want to get into the Fashion Industry?
Just do it, be on many shoots and learn from the process. I think that’s the best school to know if you love it or hate it. Listen a lot. Make friends with others on the shoot and do your job. Dress casually, or in black. Most of all, don’t wear high heels when you’re working, only for meetings. Or bring comfortable shoes; it’s a long day.

This Fashion Life: Luca Buzas

Luca Buzas with HuGe  on Piaget shoot.

How do you keep up your energy all day?
I eat vegan, gluten and lactose free and generally try to eat and drink fresh things.

Any plans for the future?
I’m really inspired by USA and I hope to spend time travelling there learning from their style. Generally I want to travel and work more internationally.

The best university there is.

FIND: Luca Buzas

FIND: Luca Buzas
-More works on:
Studio Supreme
-Essential Macau images photographed and produced by Nuno Veloso
-All other Images Produced and Styled by Luca Buzas
-Pink wig & Car scene Photographed by UnaZ 
-All other Images Photographed by Olivier Hero Dressen.

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