Lucia Cadotsch Speaks Low

Lucia Cadotsch inhabits a moody world of magnetic dark-eyed beauties, artists dressed in black, drifting through bars and cafes and cities with foreign names. I’ve had her music on repeat for several days now and followed her through cobbled streets at dawn, to after hours clubs, chased by unwanted suitors, haunted by the one who got away. At times, passion and wild abandon have punctuated the sultry melancholy and, well, I’d blush to tell you…

Swiss-born Cadotsch aimed to communicate with other times and emotional latitudes, bringing back the seduction and raw passion of her musical heroes.. but somehow subtly changed. With “Speak Low Renditions“, I think she found that link, even though the music sits firmly in the now. This wasn’t the kind of sound I expected at first. There was a moment when I wanted something more familiar, maybe more bluesy or jazzy or something. But with titles like, “Deep Song”, and “Slow Hot Wind,” she and her musical accomplices are accustomed to taking  us to sultry places we’d never expected.

Lucia Cadotsch sends a message back to her soulmates from a distant musical past….a sort of thank you letter to the likes of Billie and Nina.

From the bittersweet sadness and giddy abandon of La LA Land to Beyonce playing Etta James in Cadillac Records, image after image comes to mind, but in the end, its the voice of Lucia Cadotsch that seeps into your soul. If it were winter, I’d recommend curling up with something or someone hot and bathing your surroundings with Lucia’s voice. But why not spend these lighter nights out, following a promise, a romantic ideal  or  a genderless beautiful face with this music on repeat? Whatever your pleasure.

Maybe throw open the doors to your own atelier or miniscule inner-city garret, piling the bodies on beanbags and upturned fruit crates, drinking something cheap. Or have your guests perch their Temperley-clad derrieres on your new gold velvet chaise, while you ply them with whatever and turn up the volume. Those types are so cosmopolitan, they’ll be bursting to talk about Europe or the USA. Don’t let them. Not tonight: these Spring evenings are a time to soak up beauty. Lucia Cadotsch can show you how. Already tipped as one to watch by British newspaper, The Guardian, it’s time to take notice.
Listen up.

Speak Low Renditions available here on her site and also here at Bandcamp.

Photographs by Michael Jungblut.