Sofia Eriksson – The Girl With The Golden Touch

Sofia Eriksson is a girl whose fingers can spin the most precious of metals into elegant, deceptively simple shapes. Gold: warm, inviting and the subject of myth and fable. In Sofia’s hands the ore is transformed. Sparing of line, with an austerity which belies the many hours of design and making, these pieces compliment so many styles.

With their clean, modern lines, they truly are wearable art, and most importantly, right on point. I’ve got my eye on this gold cage bracelet.

SO beautiful.


Gold is just not like other materials.sofia Ericksson

I was lucky enough to meet her in Stockholm recently, at Swedish Fashion Talents,  and took the opportunity to shoot the breeze with her.

Sofia, your pieces are exquisite! What is it about jewellery that attracts you?
My fascination for jewelry lies in the effect of creating new angles and shapes that relate to the body, like small architectural pieces. I love to work with metal as a material, it has interesting qualities when it comes to creating shapes and surfaces, also I have a passion for the craftmanship.

Why gold, specifically?
Gold holds a special allure for me, as it probably does for others. It has many different meanings, both symbolic and traditional. There is a certain mystery around gold, which I think comes from its long history. It has always been a carrier of meaning.

Gold is just not like other materials.
sofia eriksson fine necklace

Working with gold requires precision and awareness.Sofia Eriksson

For my hoop collection I was inspired by the circle as a geometric shape and symbol but also by its echoes in maps of the solarsystem. A circle of gold is a  symbol of eternity, which intrigues me. As a craftsman gold also makes a big impression since it’s a very valuable material to work with, requiring precision and awareness.
What other art-forms and artists do you admire? 
In my work I draw inspiration from architecture, patterns and nature. I also get very inspired by looking at other artists work,at  everything from photography to clothing. I think Iris Van Herpen´s work for example is very inspiring yet very different from what I do,
I love her way of working with materials, and I think her sculptural creations are fantastic.
Sofia Eriksson displaysofia eriksson ringSofia Eriksson cards
Sofia Eriksson, The Girl With The Golden Touch
Photographs by Dear Velvet
Jewellery Photographs by Sofia Eriksson/© Peter Håkansson.

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