Tales Of Poetry And Passion

Looking at all the gifts, starry lights and fireworks during the holiday season, brought up for me the notion of beauty and how it makes life better in every way. Beauty in nature, in design, in sound, and most of all in feeling. We humans are always striving after a higher ideal. Now the fairy lights and tinsel have cleared, I’m left with the same two questions: What is Art and what makes an Artist?

What is Art and what makes an Artist?

How do you describe the feeling that moves you to listen to a song over and over, or to stand transfixed by a painting, or a landscape, tears running down your face, although you don’t know why?  What did you feel when you saw your first love, whether a dress, a puppy, a mountain, a pop star or the boy next door? Who even has the time to encapsulate such things, let alone the words?

There are a few of these souls left, seemingly abandoned by time and technology. The poets.Lorena Montoya - Of passion And Poetry

I was lucky enough to meet the Columbian poet, Lorena Montoya, in a shady backstreet cafe in Cambodia. Light streamed in through the doorway, and as I watched the dust particles dance above the table, we compared our love of art. She spoke with the warm, rich vowels of her native land, I did not. We talked, we ate, we gesticulated with our hands. In the end, a collaboration was set, and in true poetic style, we translated, analyzed and re-translated ’til dawn.

Seemingly abandoned by time and technology: The Poets.

Meal With Lorena - Tales Of Poetry And Passion

We talked, we ate, we gesticulated with our hands.

Lorena Montoya - Broken-Chrysalis - Tales Of Poetry And PassionLorena Montoya - Out- Of Nowhere = Of pPassion And Poetry

Poems, songs, they’re all the same, right?!

Lorena Montoya - Lorena hand jive - Tales Of Passion And Poetry

They say those whom the gods mean to test, they make into poets.

Or something like that…

Lorena Montoya Zebra - Of Passion And PoetryLorena Montoya, an inspiration… Time to dig out the old notebooks and get writing.. #Resolution.

What’s Yours?!

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* Poems in Spanish  Lorena Montoya. In English Lorena Montoya & Dear Velvet

* Photographs Dear Velvet