When I first saw Christina’s clear-eyed stare one LA morning, I simply stared back, nonplussed. She looked like the classical heroine in mythology; perhaps Diana, the huntress, chasing through the woods with her bow and arrow, or Athena, full of courage, wisdom and intelligence.

As I got to know her a little, I found I was right. Her direct style matches her eyes. I wish I could wear cowboy boots so nonchalantly. She makes the whole thing look so effortless, I guess because, for her, it is.

An East Coast native from New Jersey, she has that clean, all-American beauty that eschews artifice. A gaze that goes on for days, a crop that makes the word pixie sound a bit sissy, and perfect (and I mean Perfect) skin, that’ll have the rest of us weeping openly into our makeup bags. Ah well, isn’t nature wonderful?!

You’d want her as your BFF.. if you could catch her. She’s probably loping off  to an adventure  somewhere at this moment. I’ll bet she’s in her car, maybe on Highway 61, who knows? There must be a gritty story of determination and incredible heroism out there, waiting to be filmed, one where the female lead leaves the men scampering behind her as she saves the world.. a True Grit or Terminator. I know who I’d cast. Christina: the bold and the beautiful. Oh.. and she’s fun.

American Girl.

Christina In The DoorwayChristinaChristina Under The LightChristina MeditatingChristina Full Portrait

Photography: Dear Velvet

Model: Christina

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