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Gisou Review

I don’t know if it’s the hat weather (brr!) or exactly what is causing the extreme hair moment I’m currently having. I’m making a lot of changes, and as they say, when a woman suddenly changes her hair colour or style, especially for the redder (yep, red/caramel balayage, but more on that later) then watch out, she’s moving on!

I discovered these lovely ‘bee-based’ hair products, from the impossibly beautiful and endearing Iranian Dutch vlogger, Negin Mirsalehi. Go check out her YouTube channel and fall under her spell. She and her boyfriend are super cute together, always laughing, probably down to his funny dance bouts. Their travel itinerary is all PFW and NYC and fab hotels, so you not only have #relationshipgoals and #travelgoals, but of course, as the founder of a natural hair product empire, #hairgoals too. Heck, even her dog is cute too. Once a complete dog-nostic, I house-sat for friends with the exact same breed of dog, and,. I have to confess I cried for weeks after moving out. True Story. so #doggoals as well then. Added to which, she is always working out and talking about food. grr.. some people are so frustrating. But you’ll love it, I promise.

Negin Mirsalehi, Gisou’s Founder



So, onto that bee stuff. The story goes that, back in Iran, her father, his father and father’s father’s father kept bee farms in the countryside. You can even see Negin, in a ditsy little dress and scant protective clothing, holding up a tray inhabited by about 5000 bees. Those are skills! Her mother moved to The Netherlands, trained as a hairdresser and created her own hair product line from honey infused oils. The original oil has now been joined by propolis-infused heat protecting sprays and a perfume for hair. As something of a checkout klutz, I FORGOT to order the Perfume, which is the main thing I wanted. I just love perfumes.. And in hair,what could be better? However, all the products smell nice, fresh and light, without the  chemicals or alcohol one usually detects in products.

So let’s go through my haul.



Before being overwhelmed by the sumptuous packaging, ok, it’s pink and layered with a booklet telling the family bee legend and filled with wistful, romantic photos of Ms Mirsalehi, the first thing I noticed was the name: it sounds like “Bisou”, French for kiss. Surely no coincidence?!


Gisou Honey-infused Hair Oil & Hair Mask

The oil itself is light and fluid, not the usual gunky sticky stuff which either leaves my naturally very dry hair unmoved, or looking greasy and dirty. it seems to absorb well and has a lovely light scent. The Hair mask (in a big pot with a oink lid), is pleasingly thick and viscous. I followed the recommendation to mix some drops of hair oil in and stirred them straight into the whole pot. I tried it on dry hair, ass you’re not supposed to.apparently hair mask should be applied to towel-dried damp hair. hours later, the crepe paper texture in my balayage locks had disappeared. Days later, it’s smooth as silk. Mmmm… a brush or comb just glide through it. speaking of combs.

Gisou Comb

I did give some side-eye to the price of the comb.. omg! but it’s the best thing ever! I love it. SO much more than the wide-tooth comb I bought for my originally super frizzy curly hair and by curls I mean ringlets... a huge sticky-out mop of stuff… until I discovered Brazilian. No, I don’t mean that kind ofrazilian . In fact I’ve spent so much time at my hairdresser, Cassie’s salon Brazilian Glam, she joked to another customer that I was moving into the salon.

The comb is quite sophisticated and also sturdy, in thick tortoiseshell, with a velvet drawstring bag. 


Gisou propolis-infused heat protecting spray

Whilst knowing the Propolis is beneficial, all I can note about the heat protecting spray is that it seems to be doing what it is supposed to.

The whole experience has been positive; ease of ordering and delivery and fantastic packaging, as well as lovely looking products fit foe a queen’s selfie. One day I’ll set up that lovely vanity I’ve been promising myself. Yes, I will. Guess it has to be pink and white now! Somehow Gisou knows my taste.. or am I simply the Everygirl?!!! If so, I think you’ll probably like Gisou. I know Your hair probably will. if all this sounds like an sad for Gisou, I can assure you it’s not. ‘m just in the throes of a hair love affair, that’s all.