Supernatural Skin

The supernatural skin trend is in full effect with supermodels and celebs alike competing to dare to go bare, like Shalom Harlow and Helena Christensen. A quick survey of the Twitter feeds of the glitterati reveals acres of naked faces that should leave the rest of us envious as we slather on the slap for our daily rounds.

Turn your own face into a beautiful blank canvas..DV

But this kind of facial luminosity is not confined to the golden few: strip down yourself, let go of the notion of cover-up and instead bring out the glints of beauty you’ve had undercover for so long.

In Asia, skincare products are more in evidence on the beauty counter than cosmetics, with good reason. To watch an Asian girl patting her skin with extreme care and sensitivity is akin to watching a mother with a newborn or a curator with a Van Gogh: it’s an art.

Turn your own face into a beautiful blank canvas with supernatural skincare products and extra attention to the fuel within. Coconut oil, probiotics, juicing, wholefoods, vegan foods, the whole picture is crucial, but the hardest part is finding your own balance.

Or you can simply be radiantly beautiful…DV

Naturally, there’s products, Elle’s tips for faking it with makeup, and skin apps like Skin Deep, which shows you just what is going into your body and on your skin.

If all else fails, you can simply be radiantly beautiful, like Agnieszka here. Those clear eyes and that translucent skin don’t grow on trees, but you can hope.

Supernatural Skin - Agnieszka 2


Photographs by Dear Velvet
Model: Agnieszka

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