The Pull Of The Sea

 Just what is this mysterious pull of the sea?

How many times on holiday have you found yourself simply staring at it, lulled by its calm, majestic expanse, listening to the mournful cry of a seagull or feeling the pounding of the waves crashing inside your skull on a stormy day, nursing a warm drink in a cafe, safe from the churning water’s edge? How many times have you been on holiday by the water?Beach crowd - What Is This Mysterious Pull Of The Sea?

Why does it have such a hold on us? Is it the moon, the magnetic force of the tides grabbing at your soul? Is it the smell of the salt and sand lifting your spirit? What of Jungian theories of the collective unconscious, the swathes of water posing a substitute for our global soul? Flat Sea - What Is This Mysterious Pull Of The Sea?

All these questions lap at the edges of our consciousness as our pupils dilate and we gaze, hypnotised by the huge expanse, overwhelmed and humbled.

And maybe that’s just it. The dwarfing enormity of the water, placing firmly in our pinprick bodies, adrift in the universe.

Have a great weekend!

Till my soul is full of longing
For the secret of the sea,
And the heart of the great ocean
Sends a thrilling pulse through me.

From “The Secret of the Sea”, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1850

Photography by Dear Velvet