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Another party, another beautiful new friend. No, I don’t spend my life at parties, but I’m so glad I pulled myself out from behind the keyboard these last few weeks. Sometimes, it’s when you’re really living life, not planning it, that the magic happens.

Beauty is in every style.DV

Like meeting Boel. (Boo-el… kind of.) Young, gifted Nordic musicians seem to abound all over the frosty far north, but this Swedish cellist is of a different order of cool. Playing with “The Glacial Years”, when I met her, she’s now off studying classical music somewhere, possibly in the snow. The haunting, poetic quality, sweetness and toughness combined, holds the world around in her gravitational pull. And the fearlessness. There’s that.

If nothing else, she inspires us to do something different with our hair. It’s not all about the soft waves and straightening irons, you know. Don’t let them fool you, beauty is in every style. That’s what makes the world so fascinating, no?

She held us all spellbound, like music itself..DV

So what makes her style so unique? Many of us have worn DMs and so-called boyfriend jeans are de rigueur these days. It’s the insouciant air, the indefinable Otherness of her look, her gaze. She danced and twirled her arms beneath the full moon, and held us all spellbound, like music itself.

But what will I do with all these people I meet, the vibrant ones? What is this tale? The world is one big city now, made of moments and tiny incidents.. The Stories, I’m going to call them. Life is a story told to oneself, lived through and experienced in little segments. We weave these into a larger tale to keep the campfires bright, keep the internets alight. The Stories.

We follow her story some more…

Boel SittingBol Face _Boel

Boel Laughing - BoelBol Dancing - Boel


Boel OOTD:

Black Sweater: Similar Here | Boyfriend Jeans: Similar Here | Boots: Similar Here

Editorial Photography: Dear Velvet

Model: Boel