Eating In Bed @ The Blue Pumpkin

The Blue Pumpkin looks like a giant bed.

You could be forgiven for wanting to tuck yourself into its snowy white sheets after hiking through Siem Reap’s labrythine temple complexes and haggling in the night markets.

 In that snowy interior, the pristine freshness startles your aching limbs into quiescence and you’ll be tucking yourself instead into a Halloumi Burger and Blueberry Smoothie in no time. Or maybe a bowl of Spinach Fettucini.Table In White - Eating In Bed

White Light - Eating In Bed

Halloumi Burger - Eating In Bed

If the lounge doesn’t grab you and you’ve no time for veggie pasta, there’s an ice cream bar downstairs that will take your breath away. DV

For me the lounge is where it’s at, and I can’t wait to drape my new home in sheets and buckets of white paint (What new home? Oh it’s on it’s way..soon soon.. my suitcase is losing it’s charm, believe me. {OK. That’s never going to happen, but you know what I mean..}) And I must get some bamboo poles and a huge poster of greenery. I need some of that Blue Pumpkin to cheer up those Western grey days, sort  of like a Scandinavian SAD cafe, doused in white light to chase away the blues.

White Seating - Eating In Bed

Siem Reap, it’s all temples and temptation. Enjoy.


The Blue Pumpkin, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Photography By Dear Velvet