Meet Me At Cafe Central

When you’re strolling through the Old Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia, trying to decide which baskets, statues, fabrics and Angkor trinkets to cram into your carry on, weary from a long day’s ruin-hopping in your auto rickshaw or hired bicycle, you can always seek solace in Cafe Central.

Love the modern ambience and powerful artwork. I’m thinking of trying this triple grouping of B&W art on exposed brickwork at home. (When I find a place I want to lay my hat, that is!) Ditto the red featured wall and steel bar. Like all Asians, the Khmer just know color. Big foliage, mood lighting, fresh juices, custom coffees and fusion food… More ideas for my Dream Home Pinterest.

One day I’ll have that fabulous apartment with breathtaking expanses of wooden floor and every strange curio I’ve gathered while travelling. Meantime, I’ll just stuff them in my bag and get the menu.

The table by the flowers looks good.

Cafe Bar - Cafe Central, Siem ReapWith the breeze wafting smatterings of travel talk, as patrons quietly drink perfect cappuccinos and cocktails (and sample the best French bread east of Paris), the atmosphere is always summer, even at night in Western winter.

Flowers - Cafe Central, Siem ReapCafe Centre - Cafe Central, Siem ReapGo to Angkor to check off another set of incomprehensibly enigmatic monuments from your list (Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Great Wall, etc) and be astounded, as I was, by the kindness of locals in this once French colony, with its centuries-hidden temples, chaotic, tragic past and bright future. The hospitality is grand and formal and sweet all at once. Fly straight to Siem Reap for a while when you’ve seen the beaches and metropolises of swankier neighbouring countries…

You’ll be entranced.Bar View - Cafe Central, Siem Reap

Meet me At Cafe Central? Mine’s A Mocha Latte.


Cafe Central, Siem Reap

Corner Street 9 & Street 11Siem ReapCambodia. 

+855 017692997


Photography By Dear Velvet

Cafe Central, Siem Reap