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Quirky, scrumptious and darkly sleek.. Mmmm… Arroi, as they say in Thailand: Delicious!.Velveteen

I came across this lovely, strange food corner in the famous/infamous Banglampu area, where backpackers and trendy Thais mingle. Phra Athit is the place to be: artists, musicians and literati carouse the night away all over the pavement till dawn, where sandwich bars and innocent breakfast nooks held sway by day. In Bangkok, they do it all in shifts. So efficient.

Of all the variations of Thai comestible deliciousness, this was one of the Best meals I ever encountered. (OK, I’ll probably say that about every restaurant I loved, but, hey, everything to its season.)

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The cheesecakes, the cupcakes, the birds, and the crepes..Oh those avian accompaniments: the sombre ravens on the counter, birds glimpsed between glasses.. Food, decor, clientele and host were all a subtle wow, with amazing politesse, the chef himself taking a moment to chat to us and serve us our food, supermodel types lounging in that Asian way on the Victorian furnishings. and to top it all, a peacock perched on a high beam, regally commanding one’s elegance.

…a peacock perched on a high beam, regally commanding one’s eleganceVelveteen

This was a tribute to taxidermy rather than bird-taming, but nevertheless, my veggie sensibilities survived. There was more than a smidgen of Tim Burton about the place (Charlie and the Chocolate factory.. The Dark Knight, remember?)

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Just Go. Eat. Sigh with pleasure..Velveteen


Photographs By Dear Velvet



Nakorn Brasserie

  • Thanon Phra Athit
  • Bangkok, Thailand 10200