When The Flower Blooms

When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited. Ramakrishna

Peach Gladioli, yellow Chrysanthemums and a lemon yellow Stargazer gently fade in a vase on a corner of my desk, a cheery reminder of the summer light and the day I spent bathed in the colours of flowers last week.

At this time of year, no amount of overhead lighting makes up for the lack of sun, but a few flowers or luscious plants can kick start your creative energy in the loveliest of ways. From The Secret Language Of Flowers, where each flower had a meaning, to Colour Healing, through to the theory that the soul of each plant interacts with our own and can be activated or drawn close by a Shaman (Plant Spirit Medicine, anyone?), the fabulously colourful plant kingdom has a potent connection with our own.

To woo your person of  choice, plants are everything. DV

Whether you want to heal your spirit, make a home yoga shrine ( flowers and fruit are the chief offerings in so many belief systems) jazz up your cluttered studio/minimalist penthouse, or woo your person of  choice, plants are everything.

Gladioli - When The Flower Blooms


Interior designer Emma Kay teamed up with the Flower Council Of Holland to express the trends in flowers and flower decor for 2016. With my love of colour and all things exotic, it’s a cinch I’d be in heaven in a room full of flowers, with whole areas each evoking a different floral ambiance. I was asked whether I prefer flowers or plants.. Impossible to answer. The headiness of either seems to sweep me away, and I’ve been known to turn a window ledge or corner of the room into a floor-to-ceiling jungle, even just with plant pots or flower vases. So I was in my element.

I picked up so many DIY tips to try in your own space with plants and fabrics and papers. None of them are beyond the challenge of the  lazy busy girl and all of them are quick fixes. I’ll be unpacking them here over the next few weeks as well as their Flower Of the Month instructions.

Prepare to supercharge your senses.. and your surroundings!

Lilies - When The Flower Blooms



Main Image: Dahlias
All Large Flower Images: Flower Council Of Holland

Small Images: Dear Velvet