Wonder Anatomie – Skull Decor

Following You With ItWonder Anatomie – Skull Decor

Ready for a Spring shake-up at home? Need something different to delight your dinner guests? Why not try a stupendous display of skeleton-themed showmanship, like the prodigiously talented Pop, designer of Wonder Anatomie in Bangkok? When I say, ‘designer’, I really mean, ‘World Creator’.Skeleton Jar - Wonder Anatomie - Skull DecorWonder Anatomie Store, Bangkok - Wonder Anatomie - Skull DecorBones In Store..

This Aladdin’s Cave of clothing delights is really a temple to the inner human; one where scaffolding and structure reign supreme over form. There are some mannequins, sure, and even pictures of a few models, fully clothed, but even those vestments allude to the wonders within. Here is one place where you’ll do more than shed the outer layer. Wonder Anatomie is a palace of Skull Decor.

So I was thinking..  why not try this at home, boys and girls? All it needs is lashings of craft paper, some glue, Stanley knife and the fiendishly brilliant draftsmanship and intricate folding skills of a Master Pattern Cutter. No problem, right?

Pop - Wonder Anatomie - Skull Decor

While you wait a lifetime or two for your creative faculties to catch up with your fantasies, why not satisfy your cadaverous cravings here with this ghoulish gallery.. Or better yet, visit the store for yourself!

You were planning a trip to Bangkok anyway, yes? No? GO already! There’s more style and artistic information in that city than a year’s subscription to ten gossip mags. You’ll return home goggle-eyed, hoarsely whispering, “I see Fashion People”.Skull - Wonder Anatomie - Skull Decor

Meantime, study the Form.. Start with your skull.

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Photographs By Dear Velvet