Lazsochmidl make beautifully finished, sometimes sly clothes, described as “Mainly for men and non-gender”. They also have great flowery shirts. Sounds like our kind of mystery…

When Lazoschmidl was described as “non-gender” at Stockholm Fashion Week, I was pleasantly curious. Sure, isn’t being non-binary a thing these days? True. But for me the reason was more like: why the heck not? Friends seem to come in all shapes, sizes, cultures, orientations and dress-senses. It’s just how it is. The mesmerising Albin proved that one, confounding us again and again.

Lurex pants, lacy tops… you can swing it sweetheart.DV

The label is formed by two young designers, based in Germany and Sweden. Their style is palpably different to the clean lines and often monochrome output we love so much in Scandi fashion. It’s like someone left the door open in a select cocktail party and a club started in the corner. The contrast is startling and fab and I couldn’t resist tracking the pair down. Fresh from being selected for the prestigious Swedish Fashion Talents show, a jury-chosen launchpad for new Swedish designers, they had that little glow and we were all a bit giddy with excitement. Or at least I was.
I’d only say, open their site with care at work and possibly in front of your granny, although I’m sure she’s made of sterner stuff than us… As for the clothes? Lurex pants, lacy tops, a crop slogan t-shirt: you can swing it sweetheart. And those jeans.

Bold, thoughtful, intelligent and oh-so knowing on the style front, Lazoschmidl give good interview. Read on.

  1. Hi Lazoschmidl, how did you two meet and start designing together?
    We started FW15 as a private creative project and instantly received press so we just kept on going and growing organically.
  2. Describe the Lazoschmidl guy in three words.
  3. What music do you listen to when you’re working on your designs?
    iTunes in the background, everything from Britney Spears to Azealia Banks, sometimes it’s just quiet.
  4. I love some of the shirts especially, can girls wear your clothes?
    Clothes are cut in a way that also fits women. For Fall/Winter we showed a floral lace shirt with female buttoning. All tops this season look great on women.
  5. Early Riser or Night Owl?
    Early birds.
UPDATE: On September 1st 2016, the newly created “Swedish Fashion Council Changers Award” was awarded to Lazoschmidl!

Lazoschmidl Website


hotographs: © Hedvig Jenning
Words: Dear Velvet


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