Jar Of Candy

Jar of Candy promise to make bad hair days a thing of the past. Knowing the supreme importance of hair in making a good first impression, no matter your gender, who can resist a promise like that? It’s enough to make any woman sit up and take notice. As evidenced by their show at Fashion Week Stockholm this season, even the normally cool Stockholm girls were beaming with pleasure. There’s something so flirty and feminine about a headband, especially a lace one.

Style and elegance should never be boring! Jar Of Candy

That black silk lace number could revive the tiredest office wear and take you from date night to Valentine’s Day, probably a wedding too, (especially a wedding.) Sort of saucy and sweet at once.
I can’t decide between the grey leather bows with the raw edges and the sporty hats. The hat shelf in my closet is groaning as it is, but I should be able to tuck some of these beauties away. In fact Spring is hat season anyway, so no need for excuses.
Sabina Kasper and Camilla Giesecke, the designers behind Jar of Candy, have a perfect philosophy: styles should be fun, functional, beautiful and exquisitely made in natural fabrics like cashmere and silk lace. I confess I’m a little in love.
Jar Of Candy indeed…

We create raw feminine addictive luxurious pieces of functional fashion accessories that trigger reactions wherever you go.Jar Of Candy

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Photographs Courtesy of Jar Of Candy

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