Melinda Looi Fairytale Beauty

At the Melinda Looi Couture show at BIFW 2013, the beauty was supernatural, with models glimmering in jewels, antennae and the sparkling eyes of the Fae. The collection was titled, “Lost in The Forest,” following inspiration from the poet, Pablo Neruda, from Chile.

Lost In The Forest

A coalition of poetry and magic by beautifully passionate designer, Melinda Looi, from Malaysia,  captured here by Thai photographer, Varaporn Noothong.


The sparkling eyes of the Fae…

Melinda-Looi-Beauty-3 Melinda-Looi-Beauty-4

A Magical, poetic collection by a beautifully passionate designer…


Melinda Looi, Beauty.

I found a slightly altered, ‘Poem in Translation’, by A. S. Kline to reproduce here, but please read the original translation too.. Breathtaking!

‘Lost in the woods I snapped off a dark branch’

VI From: ‘Cien sonetos de amor’

Lost in the woods, I snapped off a dark branch
and, lifted its murmur, in thirst, to my lips:
perhaps the weeping voice of the rain,
a shattered bell, or a broken heart.
It came to me, something out of far distance,
deeply concealed, and hidden by Earth,
a cry, defeated by immense autumns,
by half-opened moistness of shadowy leaves.
But waking out of the wood’s dream there,
that hazel branch sang under my tongue,
and its vagrant perfume rose to my mind
as if suddenly roots I had long abandoned
searched me, the lost domains of childhood,
and held me, wounded by wandering fragrance.


So sublime!

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*Image of Pablo Neruda Pablo_Neruda_Ricardo_Reyes.jpeg

* Poem in translation by A. S. Kline © 2000 All Rights Reserved.

*Varaporn Noothong © Photography