Filippa K – The Art Of Fashion

The lines between art, fashion and even technology are increasingly fine these days, and one of the most striking examples of this trend for the A/W season was at Filippa K.

The invite for the Filippa K show at Fashion Week Stockholm gave an address somewhere outside the usual central patch, where the bold and the beautiful teeter precariously on icy streets in a little circle between nearby venues. This was a hike, as my new high-heeled Hush boots told my feet in no uncertain terms (After a winter wearing flats: I just didn’t have the training). I’ll admit I got a little lost, but stopped in a corner shop to find an army of seriously gorgeous girls clad in fluffy jackets, poker straight hair and sharp cheekbones. I knew I was on the right track. In the wake of the stylish squad, I reached Absolute Atelier at last.

Glass in hand, Fashionistas glided from portrait to portrait..

Our reward was dazzling: a glittering reception led to a gallery made entirely of wooden stripes, the sheer mind-boggling carpentry of which astonished me. I love wood and having played with it, carved it and even made a rickety chair once (seriously) I was so impressed it took a few moments to register the rest of the display.

J Lindeberg: The Art Of Fashion
In hidden corners, almost on the floor, high above our heads and in formidable gallery rows were a collection of images and items of clothing that were breathtaking. Caravaggio, or the enigmatic half-smile of a Da Vinci, these silent fashion icons cast a spell over the viewers. Passing an unexpected row of clothes in tactile fabrics: leather,  tiny silk pleats, cashmere, rich wool, we bent to examine a tiny image near the floor, or craned to see a huge Mona Lisa-like goddess in red silk, towering over us. The usual gallery-opening merriment was hushed as, glass in hand, fashionistas glided from portrait to portrait.
Filippa K’s designs took on new meaning in these surroundings, elevated from simply beautiful, covetable clothes to artworks you’d aspire to buy. The whole room was a wonderland of texture and vision. I’d love to have that huge portrait with the red silk pleats and the doll-like model, face down on the floor… oh, and the suit she’s wearing.
I think I’m going to need some bigger walls.

Art and Fashion Collide…

Filippa K: Artworks you want to buy…

Online: Filippa K

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