Street Style: London Fashion

Weighed down with lenses bigger than their heads…

London Fashion during these fashion weeks has been a mix of fantasy and utilitarian. Bloggers, fashion workers and paparazzi alike toting huge cameras, clad in weatherproof clothes and sensible shoes have stomped the streets around Somerset House. Solid black layers, long coats and warm bomber jackets are the order of the day. Weighed down with backpacks and lenses bigger than their heads, they scan the streets for prey. They even resort to photographing each other, in an amusing circular motion, like the sharp-edged group I saw in the courtyard after a show. Then suddenly the crowd parts and a bird of paradise appears, tripping in silver boots, lamé, flowing robes, dazzling colours or layers of distressed denim or leather.

Clothes apart, it’s really a case of “by the shoes shall ye know them”, as each pair of feet tells such an eloquent story. Round-foot Doc Martens, points, square toes, heels, glitter, glitz, scuffs, candy colours, all compounded by the stance. Delicate, stepping, stomping, striding, planted firmly, one foot turned out in the international selfie stance: the pose is everything. Shoes truly are a window of the soul.

It’s London Fashion. It’s life.

In a superbly symbiotic relationship, the colourful subject draws the automatic fire of the Canons and Nikons, leading them a merry dance right into the street. This is London: its understood that taxis and buses just drive around them nonchalantly: these things happen. It’s hard to imagine what you’d have to wear to draw comment or even a glance from a stoic Londoner. They’ve seen it all. Even rainbow hair. With cool precision London ignores even the most flagrant sartorial excess. But secretly they love it. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such shimmering diversity? It’s London. It’s life. as Londoners, its understood, to give good  Street Style is our birthright. For decades now, there’s been a London Uprising. Take notes.


Photography: Dear Velvet