Cherry Almond Breakfast Mashup

After travelling non-stop, followed by, predictably, a bout of fever, I decided to turn to the kitchen for help. Breakfast seems like the best place to start, so I rifled through the fridge and the online emporium of knowledge to come up with this yummy breakfast mashup.

Cherries are the bomb..DV

I saw a punnet of cherries in a street market the other day, but they’ve been languishing unattended as I tried to decide how to serve them. You could use strawberries at this time of year or any other berries, especially if they have super fruit properties. Apparently cherries are the bomb, with doctors stating they battle belly fat, help with the post workout aches, combat gout, stroke, osteoarthritis and help you sleep (yay).

I also stumbled across a bag of almonds: mega-nutrients, antioxidants, blood sugar and pressure benefits and boost metabolism (there’s a pattern here). I did throw in a banana, and was a little concerned about my super nutrient quotient, as those daft flashing ads you see online sometimes list them as foods never to eat. Pshaw!

Don’t Go Bananas

Bananas, apparently, can stop you feeling bananas, by lifting your mood, helping with depression, cooling fevers (now they tell me), helping with heat exhaustion, indigestion, prebiotic boosting and being loaded with tryptophan, keeping S.A.D. and the blues at bay.

To tie it all together, I had a tub of quark. Sort of creamy, cottage cheesy, Greek yoghurt, but none of those things. You’ll have guessed by now that quark is teeming with benefits, like having much less salt than all of the above, lowering risks of blood pressure problems, building muscle, and being packed with protein.

Vegan quark.

There’s even a recipe on the charmingly named, Squirrel Of Nom for making your own vegan quark, so you can try the different benefits of soy and keep your vegan superpowers intact. Bonus!

(For the kitchen-challenged among us, don’t panic, this is so easy, even I made it in a few seconds). Here goes:

Cherry Almond Breakfast Mashup

  • Gather cherries, almonds, banana and quark (and/or any other fruit that takes your fancy).
  • Take off stalks, slice banana, take almonds from the bag
  • Put in a pile in a bowl
  • jumble ’em up
  • Eat




Photograph: Dear Velvet

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