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I’ve Decided To Try The Juicy Life

At least for a while. What can it hurt, except for my sugar cravings, that is. I saw an interview with Woody Harrelson, the well-known tantric yogi and bad boy in a previous life. Strombo asked him what was the hardest addiction he’d given up. After a moment’s deliberation (I mean, what a question!) he came back with, “Sugar.”

Good answer.

So can it be done? For quite some time now, I’ve been living cleaner and healthier. I’ve been vegetarian, like, forever, but that doesn’t totally cut it. Cookies can be vegetarian. And chips. It’s not all about weight either. The most important thing is waking up each day feeling god, not bloated or edgy or tired from a big night out. No amount of pills or products can do that for you really, just (and this sounds like a Marvel heroine) Eternal Vigilance. That sounds super stressful and possibly mind-numbingly boring, I know, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve tried all sorts of schemes for enjoying my food (I was one of those kids who never finished a plate of food, and had to sit in the corner till I did. I never did!) Food is always such an issue with us all: cravings, longings, overdoing it, refusing it, expelling it as a diet strategy. I’m not advocating any strange eating habits and I certainly don’t want to become po-faced about it… Although the idea of Vegan Superpowers, as demonstrated in Scott Pilgrim sounds kickass, literally.

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I watched Jason Vale’s movie, “Super Juice Me,” and I was blown away by the alternately heartrending and uplifting stories of his clients. Some were reeling from a whole shopping list of illnesses and self- doubts, and they all came out glowing, lighter (sometimes by 17 kilos) and radiantly happy. Of course, they were at his institute in Portugal, but for the travel and luxury spa-challenged among us, he has a handful of super colourful books, a rocking website and good products to help.

If you’re anything like me, you like pottering around in the kitchen with stir fries and salads and smoothies, but don’t really love big complex recipes and long arduous hours waiting for oven-baked goods. And as I’m working my way up to the vegan superpowers, I don’t do roasts. I like light, quick and clean food. I like to scatter slivered almonds on a strawberry and spinach salad. Not really chef material!

Time for the juicy life. I tried it, and I never want to stop.

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Drink your greens (and reds and yellows). Yum..DV

For myself, after the initial cleanse, I’m now on approx 70% juicing. Fifty percent is a great aim, and maybe better in winter climates, when we all want to snuggle up with bowls of soup. But what do I know? I’m no nutritionist, just an end-user.

A human body.

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