Passionfruit Breakfast Bowl

I first encountered this yummy breakfast in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, and fell so heavily for it that I began to crave it every morning. Passion by name.. Fortunately it’s very easy to recreate and the Passionfruit Breakfast Bowl’s appeal doesn’t lie in having unobtainable ingredients.. Not even Passionfruit – although I’d say try to get some, or find another tart fruit.  Just a small half is enough to balance out the sweetness. Plus Passionfruit has so many health benefits..

To make the Passionfruit Breakfast Bowl, you need:

  • Muesli/oats
  • Plain yoghurt – dairy, Tofu or other substitute
  • Chunks of fruit.. tropical or otherwise, dried and fresh. Believe it or not, apple is a delicacy in Thailand. Just enjoy whatever is seasonal: grapes, mandarin pieces, melon, pineapple etc. This can be bought in boxes from a  supermarket if you are making it for one.
  • Half a small passionfruit (or other tart fruit)

Just chop it up, throw fruit in a bowl, layer yoghurt and sprinkle on muesli…Passionfruit half on top (a little goes a long way)
Heavenly and healthy, quick and delicious.. what more could you want to start the day? Eat it straight or blend it, it’s all wonderful. And we all know how important breakfast is, don’t we?

Photograph by Dear Velvet