Simple Fruit Plate

Even if you’re not vegan or fruitarian, you’re probably aware by now that eating fruit and vegetables makes you happier. 

If you’re not, it’s easy to catch up: just start increasing your intake of these natural mood-enhancers and watch your happiness grow.The Dear Velvet love of fruit, powered by several trips to the tropics, should be apparent also: we can’t get enough.

When I saw this sweet and simple fruit plate in Thailand, I was really excited. The beauty of this dish is in the name: No syrups or juices, just simple, delicious fruit, roughly chopped and laid out on a  banana leaf, with a spoonful of yoghurt. Couldn’t be easier, but let’s break it down…

Simple Fruit Plate

Prep Time:
5-10 minutes.


Soft fruits, tropical if in season. Try banana, grape, mango and melon as we did here, or perhaps switch in some berries and kiwi. Just keep it succulent.

Chop the fruit roughly. Lay on plate and top with a smear of yoghurt, tofu or dairy, your choice.

Try to get as much colour as possible on the plate. The banana leaf is optional, but they are often available from Asian stores, for example here. Alternatively, find a green plate, like this  Chinoiserie beauty by Wedgewood JConran.. The simple fruit plate would make an ideal breakfast component.

Why not follow Karlie Koss and snack on fruit throughout the day? You’ll be happy you did!

Photograph: Dear Velvet