Yin Yang Superfood Smoothie

On the trail of health and New Year’s resolution, I took part in Veganuary, an aptly named initiative to encourage Veganism to flourish. Already a vegetarian, I thought, how hard could it be? I’ve had a few brushings with extreme veggie practices, notably a delicious dairy-free chocolate cake in New York, at my Yoga teacher’s birthday party. So delicious and I felt sort of saintly too, after all the yoga and chanting. Thing is, how to make the transition to veganism easy? Or indeed, how to just eat a little healthier and feel better, saintly or not (and vegan or not)?

So in my usual quest for a quick-cook solution, I devised this smoothie, aided by the wonderful Indigo Herbs and their range of protein and healthy-everything powders.  Think of them as the food equivalent of The Avengers: your speedy nutrition superheroes, to the rescue. (A s they say, “There’s a Superfood For That!”)It’s so simple, even a non-cook can do it, and it takes, maybe 10 minutes at most (five if you use frozen berries or other fruit).


Yin Yang Superfood Smoothie

To Make The Yin Yang Superfood Smoothie, You Need:

Try to make the fruit, nut milks and grains organic if possible: your body will thank you for it!
Make It:

  • Put in blender on smoothie setting, or just blend till it looks smooth. Simple!
  • Pour into glasses & Drink
  • Rush out the door, renewed, energised and cleansed

That’s it! The Yin Yang comes from the two pretty colours of the powders and I think one of them can give you a faster, more dynamic energy and the other a slower burning one. Can you guess which? Enjoy!

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