Pretty Cozy & Cool: J. JS Lee

How to look pretty in the cold is a challenge, what with the abundance of greige padded jackets around us at the moment and everyone bundled up like a Michelin Man, eyes downcast on their Tinders on the tube. So finding a gorgeous, warm and super cute coat like this one from J. JS Lee, the Korean designer who studied at Central St. Martins, is a real treat. Imagine yourself with all that pale peachy fronds around your face: their reflected glow should bring some roses to your cheeks and make you shine as you wait for your train, no longer shivering, but translucently beautiful.

A fluffy idea with mental fortitudeDV

Now that’s a fluffy idea with mental fortitude and one I’m hankering after as I prepare to step out into the biting wind on my first day in Copenhagen for a special project. Brrr.. I’ll keep my camera at the ready and my mittens on.. I’ll be fine: in my mind I’m wearing the palest peach frou, rocking a red lip  and in ecstasy.

J.JS Lee

Dan Sims, Courtesy British Fashion Council
BFW A/W2015