I’ve been thinking recently about why we blog, so many of us, on our tablets and laptops and phones, on our own sites and the myriad micro platforms. I’ve been thinking about what it means to me: about why I love to read other blogs and communicate with other bloggers, and look at art and the visions of so many artists in every field.

How many have written on into the dawn?DV

Anyone who does this KNOWS it’s a labor-of-love-and-late-nights. How many have written on into the dawn, gotten up before the light or snatched a few moments to update in a lunch break? How many have never gotten round to the lunch break? I’m sure You know. You’ve done it and lost sleep/nutrition/a night out with your friends to finish a post…

I came across this quote when I was looking for some inspiration. Of course, in looking for inspiration, I had to go to the best, the fountain of celebratory, creative passion: Rumi. Where else? At least that’s where I am today. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be Sir Isaac Newton, who knows?

This is named, “Quote: 1”, because the thirst for inspiration might strike again. I love words as much as images, the look and feel of them on paper, and it’s difficult to say which was my first love: poetry, art, vision… Like all of us, I need inspiration. Dear Velvet started as a love letter to and about the muse, so this lovely Rumi quote seemed a fitting way to begin my exploration into the inspiring words of others.

We all have a secret creative life.DV

I looked at the words and I thought of you.

I’ve heard people talk about the Creative Class, sometimes as a growing segment of society that is set to dominate the world with their creations and ideas. An exciting notion, surely, but in reality, it includes everyone who knows how to tweet or post a picture on the social media portal of their choice, or even take a picture on their phone or camera, code, macrame or partake in the school bake-off. The Creative Class: that’s us. We all have a secret creative life.

May we inspire each other.

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