We Travel, We Dream

So many times I’ve wondered: Why do I want and need to travel so much? What causes this nomadic lust to breathe the air in new places? Is it a remnant of our days spent roaming the earth for food and shelter? Is it the thrill of a new horizon, the longing to see a new dawn. (And if you’ve ever travelled anywhere, you’ll know that every tourist has the imperative to see something at dawn: a temple, a mountain a special beach.. something. Dawn is of the essence it seems. Sunsets too.)

It’s all about the wider view and feeling mistress of all you survey.


It’s all about the wider view and feeling mistress of all you survey.

So this is my quote for the last week, a summing up of all that is happening, through crazy, madcap scheduling, impossible connections and interminable journeys where i just wanted to stop and feel solid ground. And I know many of us will be packing our bags in the next weeks or so, home, or somewhere, for the holidays… So whether it’s a rusty charabanc (I always liked the sound of those, but.. what are they?) or a plane, train, tuk tuk or scooter ride, this is something to recall through the vagaries and hassles of your trip.

And maybe its time to stock up on some of the wonderful diaries by Anaïs Ninartist, poet, sensual journal-keeper and fragile, doe-eyed beauty, friend and lover to so many artists of her era, which stretched from early last century to the late 70s.

With titles like Delta of Venus, and Little Birds, and raunchier tomes, written along with Ernest Hemingway to pay the rent, she was both literary master and muse. What a gal. (Just don’t give one of Nin’s books to your granny as a gift.. or second thoughts..)

You’ll thank me for this advice on your next endless train journey: gripping, saucy, dreamy and poetic.

You’re welcome!

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